Ode to the Snowflake

Ode to the Snowflake



There is no denying how light and peaceful you are.

Oh how beautiful you look when you fall so peacefully.

When you twirl and spin like a ballerina

It gives me so much joy.


You are so unique that I cannot see a similarity.

You are big but so small.

You are simple yet so complex.

You are so smooth yet so crystalized.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

It is then that I realize that I am not writing about a snowflake.

I am writing about many people.



And everyone else.

We are all unique snowflakes in this world that is our snowglobe.

So big and so small

Simple and complex.

Smooth and crystalized.

We are all beautiful just the way that we are.

If we were all the same,

Then the world would be a dull place.

What would be the point of making homemade snowflakes out of paper?
We would have to craft them to be precisely the same,

And that would be boring and too stressful.

That is why we create snowflakes how we want to create them.

We make them big and we make them small.

We make them unique.
We make them simple and smooth or complex and crystalized.

We make them because we are all unique.

This is not just an ode to the wonderful snowflakes that you see on a cold winter day.

This is an ode to you.

This is an ode to me.

This is an ode to the unique world that we live in.

Share your similarities.

And celebrate your differences.