Chasing Stars

Over a grassy hill next to a strong and sturdy tree,

I run through a field on a cool summer night.

Frolicking through the field so happy and so free,

I look into the sky and admire the light.


Other people cower and turn away from fear.

But instead I count the stars in the sky.

I get up and run over to the pier,

Reaching out and waving my hand high.


Running through the summer night that is so peaceful and bright.

I leap and dance with hopes and dreams in my heart.

Although I can never reach the sky’s mighty height,

The best I can do is chase the stars.


Through the darkest nights I walk to the same grassy hill.

The stars sprinkle the sky and take away my despair.

I breathe in the cold fresh air until my lungs had their fill.

I feel the breeze blow softly through my hair.


People may laugh and sneer at this constant habit.

They say that my dreams cannot come true.

But I will reach for the stars and climb out of the dark pit,

And spread my wings and fly into the sky so blue.


Soaring through the summer night feeling peaceful and at rest.

I continue my goal of chasing the stars.

And as the night sky turns into day

That is when I return home to my heart.


Running through the grassy hill on that fresh summer night

I continue chasing stars and reaching my hopes and dreams.

Never giving up on reaching that light.

I will reach all my goals and dreams it seems.


Soaring into the sky through the cool summer night I keep reaching my dreams using all my might.

I continue chasing stars and achieving my dreams because I will reach all of them as it seems.