Strings Concert

Emily Ringwald, Staff Writer

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On the night of May 24th, the string ensemble performed a unique show. They performed at Morris Knolls High School at 7:15 pm. All the students from Morris Knolls and Morris Hills that are in the ensemble were dressed in all black dresses touching the ground and bow ties tied neatly.

They performed a mix of different pieces, and there was even a screen that came down for a video.

The first piece was a piece by Beethoven with a great melody. All the violins had important sections during this piece. A lot of pieces do not have important parts for the Violin 2 section because they usually play the background, so it was a unique song choice.

The second piece was a mix of 4 different folk songs but played all together as one movement. Mr. Langer, the string ensemble teacher, talked to the audience before the songs were played and asked them very politely not to clap until all four songs were completed. The audience followed through and did not clap.

The last piece was video game music. The Wii Channel song, Mario Theme Song, Mario Underwater Theme Song, Zelda Theme Song, and Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. This was the song that included the video. During the Wii Channel, the screen showed a Mii character of Langer being made which was really cool because it looked exactly like him! The Mario Theme Songs were shown with Mario going through worlds and then swimming underwater. Zelda and Rainbow Road were videos of how each became more advanced throughout the years and systems. This was by far, the favorite piece.

Emily Berta, who plays the violin, says, “I think the concert went really well and Langer is by far my favorite teacher and has helped me throughout the years. I look forward to going to strings because of the experience and the long talks about life.”

Lindsay Cagarli and Katie Grzesiak both play the violin as well. They started playing in 4th grade and their high school experience playing their instrument has been their favorite because of the more advanced music and the teacher. ¨Mr Langer has helped us with personal things and knows more about us than we do.” They say that they wouldn’t want to play any other instrument or be in any other program.