Halloween at MK

Grace Haag, Editor

To figure out what Knolls students are planning on doing for Halloween around 160 students were surveyed using google forms.When asked what people are planning on dressing up as the most creative responses were “Something interesting like a monkey” and a “Plague doctor”. The chart below shows the percentages of students who plan on dressing up for each type of Halloween costume listed on the key to the right of the pie chart.

Another question students answered was ¨What are you going to do on Halloween?¨ For this question people could choose multiple responses. Around 55% of the students that responded plan on going to a party, which is equal to the percent of those planning on going trick or treating. 33% are planning on watching scary movies and around 11% are going to do nothing. The other question that allowed for multiple responses was asking what their favorite part of Halloween is. For this question the most people, around 72%, answered that their favorite part of Halloween is spending time with their friends and/or family. The second highest, around 61%, said that getting/eating candy is their favorite part of Halloween. Then 50% answered dressing up and 20% said getting scared. The lowest amount, of around 4% (only 6 people), said that they do not like Halloween.
So, overall, do highschoolers at Morris Knolls still get excited for Halloween, or do they no longer want to embrace the childish art of pretending (in other words, they simply do not get as excited by the holiday anymore)? To figure this out students responded to the question of whether or not they feel too old to celebrate Halloween and whether they were excited for Halloween. 61% of students said that they did not feel like they have outgrown Halloween. Around 22% of respondents said that they feel too old to trick or treat, but not too old to dress up and 9% said that they feel too old to try hard on their costumes. Only 8% said that they feel too old to celebrate Halloween at all. To the second question 4.5% said that they are not excited for Halloween, 25.5% said they were sort of excited, and 70% answered they were completely excited for Halloween.
Even though students have more responsibilities now that they are all highschoolers and even though they feel they are growing up, Most Knolls students seem to take this night to have fun, and allow themselves to be kids for a little while longer. In doing this students can, as Henna Sohail says, “See the world through the eyes of [their] inner child. The eyes that sparkle in awe and amazement as they see love, magic and mystery in the most ordinary things.¨