2018-2019 Staff

Sarah Adamo


Hello! I'm Sarah, the current Editor-in-Chief of The Quill. I have been involved in The Quill newspaper since the start of my high school career and have self-published a children's book entitled Derek's Determination, evidencin...

Amanda White

Senior Reporter

Hiya! I'm Amanda, a third year member of The Quill and a Junior here at Knolls. I am a writer, artist and athlete who loves to partake in the craziness that is Morris Knolls. Whether it be football games or clubs, I'm ready t...

Olivia Greenberg


Hi! I’m Olivia, a photographer and writer for The Quill. I’m new to the Quill but excited to become a part of the team!    

Grace Haag


Hey, I am Grace Haag! I have just joined the Quill Club this year. I have three adorable dogs and three amazing siblings. I like to read books (mostly fantasy, romance, and poetry) and watch television. ...

Akhilesh Jonnalagadda


Hello, my name is Akhilesh Jonnalagadda. I am currently a freshman here at Morris Knolls. I hope that many people will be reading the school newspaper this year, because it's going to be great!

Anna Stein


Hello! I am a sophomore attending Morris Knolls. It is my first year working with the Quill and I am excited to participate! I am in the IB program offered here, and in my free time, I enjoy making art and baking....