2018-2019 Staff

Ms. Kristi Augenstein


This is my first year as the assistant advisor of the Quill and I am lending a hand while Mrs. Pennisi is out on maternity leave. I have been teaching English at Morris Knolls for the last 18 years. I am a proud graduate of Morris Knolls and I look forward...

Mrs. Noelle Immediato


I have been a faculty advisor to The Quill for several years. I currently teach English 9 and AP Literature at Morris Knolls.

Sarah Adamo


Hello! I'm Sarah, the current Editor-in-Chief of The Quill. I have been involved in The Quill newspaper since the start of my high school career and have self-published a children's book entitled Derek's Determination, evidencin...

Amanda White

Senior Reporter

Hiya! I'm Amanda, a third year member of The Quill and a Junior here at Knolls. I am a writer, artist and athlete who loves to partake in the craziness that is Morris Knolls. Whether it be football games or clubs, I'm ready t...

Olivia Greenberg


Hi! I’m Olivia, a photographer and writer for The Quill. I’m new to the Quill but excited to become a part of the team!    

Dante Lombardi


Hi, I'm Dante Lombardi, and I am a senior at MK. I did not expect to end up in this club, encouraged by my friends because I apparently have good writing. I'll leave that up to you to judge. Thank you for staying tuned with T...

Victoria Tang


My name, as you probably read above, is Victoria Tang. I am a freshman here at MK, and am hoping more people will read the newsletter! That’s why I’m writing for The Quill on numerous topics to get all students involved in ...

Grace Haag


Hey, I am Grace Haag! I have just joined the Quill Club this year. I have three adorable dogs and three amazing siblings. I like to read books (mostly fantasy, romance, and poetry) and watch television. ...

Akhilesh Jonnalagadda


Hello, my name is Akhilesh Jonnalagadda. I am currently a freshman here at Morris Knolls. I hope that many people will be reading the school newspaper this year, because it's going to be great!

Anna Stein


Hello! I am a sophomore attending Morris Knolls. It is my first year working with the Quill and I am excited to participate! I am in the IB program offered here, and in my free time, I enjoy making art and baking....