Her poison sinks in

Her piercing blue eyes shatter the window to my soul, 

Her presence follows me around like a thought I could not fade 

Sometimes I wish her soft lips would trace my skin once again, 

But I remember the horrors of how it all began 

Her wandering soul gives me unwanted memories, 

Haunting me until I am gone for centuries 

Her texts rattle the door to my heart,

And quickly manage to mess with my mind 

I feel as if I’m blind 

As I try and find my way through this

Delivered through the pain, 

I feel as I’ve grown to be slain 

The past’s scars dig deeper than the future’s worries 

The repressing feelings burrow underneath my skin, 

Making a home of where my heart has been 

The past lingers alongside me, 

Figuring out a way to pierce the trust 

i have found a way to lose