Our New Vice Principal – Mr. Lauricella


Natalie Dreyer, Reporter

On February 22, 2021 our new vice principal, Mr. Michael Lauricella, made his way through the MK hallways for the first time. Mr. Lauricella grew up in California and moved to Oakland, New Jersey when he was in 8th grade. When questioned about why he became a teacher, he responded by talking about his experience as a camp counselor. “It was the first time I really enjoyed my job and I decided I wanted to go into teaching.” And teach he did! He started out as a social studies teacher in Passaic, New Jersey.  He then taught in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Next, he became the social studies and world language supervisor at Sparta High School, before he served as a vice principal. Now, he is one of MK’s vice principals.

Our newest addition to the administration had a positive, immediate response when asked why he chose our school. He stated, “It’s a very high-performing high school; to this moment everyone I have met has been so positive about Morris Knolls.” He appreciated, even in this COVID world, how welcoming we were at MK. Though his position is to assist our principal, Mr. Lauricella would also love to grow and focus on our world language department and club programs. When he’s not at work, Mr. Lauricella enjoys spending time with his wife and baby or watching his favorite movie, Gladiator