MK Girls Lacrosse 2021


Natalie Dreyer, Reporter

This season has been like no other for the Morris Knolls Girls Lacrosse team. With Covid causing the girls to start their season on April 1st instead of March 1st, these girls had to persevere and keep a positive attitude to make the most of their season. After interviewing some girls on the freshman team, it was clear that they weren’t planning on quitting anytime soon. New team member Riley Jupin explained, “…at least for freshmen, we bond most on the bus. We turn up the music and hype each other up before the game.” It’s hard starting high school sports, but these girls created amazing bonds which definitely benefited the outcome of their games. 

Freshmen team coach Mr. Kelly boasted how they won 12 out of 17 games and tied 2 of them. JV and varsity coach, Mr. Rush, couldn’t be more proud of the girls. He revealed how the varsity team has had the hardest year in terms of practices, with weird times, a late season, and playing with new people. Both JV and varsity played every game, winning 9 and losing 9. 

Overall, the JV, Varsity and freshman teams all had successful seasons. . As Coach Rush stated, “We played really well being a team of 14 starting underclassmen.” The girls season ended June 1st, and even though they, unfortunately, didn’t get the season they wanted, they made the most out of it and had great outcomes.