NEHS February Poetry Contest 2022

NEHS February Poetry Contest 2022

Here are the submissions from three talented students within MK. Vote for your favorite poem in the poll



I didn’t understand what love meant
until I met someone who I would do anything for.

Love is
wanting to jump in front of a car for them,
wanting to hold that person 24/7,
missing them on your bad days, and
missing them on your good days.

But there are downsides of love,
in order to love someone else,
you have to love yourself first.

Because once that person is gone,
you lose yourself and
who you thought you were.

But turns out who you thought you were,
was who you were when you’re with them.

Once that person you loved so hard,
you’re left with just yourself
and that’s why you should love yourself first.

Because you don’t want to lose yourself,
the same time you lose them.




You know I don’t think I ever understood what being in love or being loved truly meant until her. Everyone thinks love is about pain and heartbreak but it’s not, it’s so much more beautiful than that. It’s how you melt with just a single touch from them. It’s how you crave their touch when they’re not around you. It’s the feeling when your hand and theirs are intertwined and knowing they aren’t going anywhere. It’s how you can be so vulnerable with them without worrying about being judged. It’s how you try to understand and cherish every part of them. It’s always wondering how you got so lucky to find a person like them in such a cruel world. It’s how you know you’d do anything just to see their smile, hear their laugh, and see their eyes light up. How you’d do anything in your power to make sure they feel loved, safe, special, and understood in all aspects. It’s knowing even if you two broke up you’d want them to be happy even if ur not the one who’s making them feel that way because u know that’s how they deserve to be loved since you were once able to unwrap and see the true beauty in their heart. Love isn’t all about heartbreak and pain, it’s much more than that. It’s how you’d do anything for them; how you went on the journey to try to understand them, love them with everything you had in you. And while you were on that journey they were doing the same with you because that’s how she has made me feel because after all whether we say it to each other or not we are both in love.




Borne from the dove,
A feather falls.
Drifting on a nudge,
Venus’s hymn calls.
It blossoms in age
Swirling like a smitten fae.

Love is blind,
Or so They say.
Through pain and lies,
I won’t stray.

Hearts can join
Or be alone,
But we can’t train
That trust to go.

So stand with me
Or move apart,
But know always I’ll be
Your waiting start