2022 Fall Play Casting for Radium Girls Announced


Abril Rodríguez Calle, Editor

Auditions for the fall production were held on Sept. 29 from 3 -5 p.m. in the MK auditorium, and callbacks were the next day at the same time. After a very successful round of auditions, the cast list was posted, with Grace being played by Anna Staltari, Roeder by Aidan Sales, Kathryn by Natalie Dreyer, Harriet by Melina Diou, Von Sochocky by Trevour Tredway, and Miss Wiley by Michelle Lee.

This year’s production,“Radium Girls”, by D.W. Gregory is set in New Jersey during the roaring mid 20s, a time when radium was all the rage due to its luminosity and supposed health-enhancing properties. It could be found in everything from cancer treatments to watches. However, little was known about the dangers of this element  and its adverse side effects. This drama tells the true story of Grace Frier, a dial painter working at a radium-based factory, seeking justice for her poisoning.

After six weeks of practice, the performances will be opened to the public November 17- 19. Rehearsals  usually consist of a multitude of things, ranging from read throughs and discussions of the characters and plot at the beginning, to going through the staging of different scenes and different dialogue as the weeks go by, t

o finally tech week, where the actors go through costuming, light and sound, and finishing touches.

This year’s play also brings with it a new experience for the audience; for the first time ever, student Dramaturg, Andrew Cardona, will be designing a museum exhibit for the Auditorium lobby to help the audience understand this history and context not only about this case but about the role of radium and how its use evolved over time. After the Friday session, there will also be a Talkback where the audience can ask questions of a panel of experts on the history, law, and science surrounding this story, with Andrew as moderator. The Director, Mrs. Mazur says that “this is another first for me as a Fall Play director which I am really excited about!”


Performing Arts Academy senior and Assistant Director to Mrs. Mazur, Elijah Dor, also claims that “the play is not only great to experience something new, but you learn a lot along the way. We get different acting skills, different communication skills, and different life skills”. In this case, they’ll also be learning a little bit about the history and context behind “Radium Girls”. Additionally, he thinks people should audition for the play because of the community & friendship it brings throughout the show. Ms.Mazur does an excellent job of picking shows that not only will challenge us acting wise, but plays that will bring people together… you almost feel like a family as soon as you walk into the first rehearsal”.

To learn more about this production, go to sites.google.com/mhrd.org/mkfallplay/home?authuser=0, and for any other questions email [email protected].