Shannon Dawson, Editor

Each spring, school counselors meet with students to create their schedules and register them for classes. While some students have their entire schedules planned out from freshman year, most don’t, and they end up confused about which next step to take. Luckily, Morris Knolls has a wide variety of interesting classes to take; there really is something for everyone. 

Here is a list of the most highly recommended classes, in case you’re still on the fence about which classes to take next year.

  • Culinary Arts (available to 10th-12th grades, fulfills five 21st Century Life and Careers credits)

This class is a great opportunity to learn the life skill of cooking, while also making some delicious food. Now with three levels and a ServSafe credential with successful completion of Culinary 3, the culinary program is a great way to increase your knowledge of cooking and food, and learn new recipes and skills to implement in your daily life. A fan favorite, Culinary Arts fills up quickly, so express your interest soon!

  • Multimedia Journalism (available to 10th-12th grades, fulfills 2.5 elective credits)

How could we have this article without mentioning the Multimedia Journalism class? The new half-year course at Knolls will teach students all there is to know about journalism and writing news for various types of media. Students will also get the opportunity to write for our very own Quill!

  • Yearbook Publication (available to all students, fulfills five 21st Century Life and Careers credits) 

As a member of Yearbook 1 and Yearbook 2, students are able to publish and create the annual yearbook. Activities include photography, editing, and design. Some students who have taken the course acknowledged that its teachings have usefulness in everyday life. According to junior Melanie Chirichillo, the class helps students to “work on their leadership skills, ability to meet deadlines, and it’s also a good way to advertise and learn about the different activities and clubs at Knolls.” At the end of the year, students can look back on their published yearbook and know that they have made a product that many students will cherish for years to come. 

  • Concert Choir (available to all students, fulfills 2.5 or five Visual and Performing Arts credits)

This is a great class to take if you love to sing and learn new music. First year students are enrolled in Concert Choir, but a successful completion of the first level can lead to a place in Advanced Concert Choir. The great thing about this class is that if you cannot fit it in your 8-block schedule, you can elect to take it during lunch and are still able to have the same experiences. Additionally, being in a choir class allows you to participate in the auditioned after school groups Chorale, Treble Choir, and Madrigals, as well as perform in concerts and go on trips.

In the end, it’s up to you which classes you choose to take next year, but hopefully this list provides some inspiration!