Roving Reporter: Do you like Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?

Roving Reporter: Do you like Valentines Day? Why or why not?

Quill Staff

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th and has been recognized for nearly 1,500 years. It was originally created in honor of St. Valentine, a Roman Catholic martyr who was famous for his romantic appeal. However, a day that was traditionally celebrated in honor of love has become highly commercialized, causing some to have mixed opinions on the holiday’s true meaning. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked teachers and students from all four grades for their opinions on this controversial holiday. Here are some of their responses:


Ava Nunziata (Senior)

“I really like Valentine’s Day. I feel that people hate Valentine’s Day because they are single. It’s fun whether you’re in a relationship or not because the color palette is cute and the candy hearts with the fun messages on them can make anyone happy.” 

Melina Diou (Junior)

“I love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s so much fun. I love the color palette; pink is one of my favorite colors. I love spreading love, especially on Valentine’s Day, because people are more inclined to spread love and kindness.” 

Trey O’Dell (Sophomore)

“Yes. I like Valentine’s Day because I feel like it’s the one day a year when significant others can get together and celebrate their relationship! Valentine’s Day is a day where the guy can show his appreciation for his girlfriend without question.”

Macey Hyatt (Sophomore)

“Yes, I am a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to show your love and appreciation for those around you, regardless of whether it is romantic or not. Plus, it’s a day full of candy. Who doesn’t love that?” 

Cassidy Davis (Senior)

“Yes, I do like Valentine’s Day! Even without a significant other, I still enjoy all the candy and love. Being loved and appreciated by your friends is super nice and another way to spend Valentine’s Day.”

Nolan Lardiere (Freshman)

“Yes, I do like Valentine’s Day! Although, it is a lot easier to like it when you have someone on Valentine’s Day. What I like about Valentine’s Day is all the free boxes of chocolate I get; other than that it is kinda lonely.” 

Mr. Isza (Teacher)

“Yes, because I always like an excuse to go out to dinner.”

Olivia Alvarez (Freshman)

“I am ultimately for the holiday; I think it’s a holiday where the spirit of love is emphasized. It is a time where you can show people you care about how much you love them.” 

Shannon Dawson (Junior)

“I used to especially like Valentine’s Day in elementary school, because it was a day where you got candy and cards from your friends, but I’ve become indifferent to it as I’ve grown up. I still like the idea of it, and getting to show people that you care about them, though I don’t really celebrate it anymore.”

Mr. Schwartz (Teacher)

“I do like Valentine’s Day because it’s a day where you get to show people how much you care about them.”

Abril Rodriguez Calle (Sophomore)

“I love Valentine’s Day because it’s my birthday!”

Trisha Patel (Sophomore)

“No. I feel like it’s a pointless holiday. It feels like it was made up just to increase sales of chocolate.”

Isabella Nemerofsky (Senior)

“I don’t necessarily like Valentine’s Day because it can get very overwhelming and in-your-face, especially when everyone is posting their significant others and people feel left out. I also don’t like the candy on Valentine’s Day because it’s not allergy-safe, which I’ve had a personal experience with.” 

Julia Jose (Freshman)

“Yes, I like Valentine’s Day because it’s a great reason to have fun and be with the people you love most.”

Erin Dawson (Freshman)

“I love Valentine’s Day because I get to spend it with my friends and show them how much I care about them.”

Natalie Cook (Sophomore)

“I like Valentine’s Day because I get to eat all of the candy and chocolates from my friends.” 

Caitlyn Estrada (Freshman)

“It’s mostly for businesses marketing their expensive products, like jewelry and perfumes, to people wanting to get gifts to their partners. On Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of flowers might be 55 dollars. On the next day, the same bouquet would instead cost 20 dollars.” 

Maeve Herzog (Senior)

“Yes. I like it because my parents were married the day before Valentine’s Day.”

Maya Zeris (Freshman)

“I love Valentine’s Day because I feel like it’s  the holiday of love and it helps to give a clear insight on what love means to people and how important it is to give it and receive it.”

Julia Lucid (Junior)

“I like Valentine’s Day because I feel like it’s a holiday that represents compassion, kindness and love. Overall, the holiday shows us how to give love and show love to your partner, friends, etc.”