Roving Reporter: How Did You Spend Your Spring Break?


Quill Staff

As spring break approached on the week of April 3rd, MK students were excited for some time off after months of hard work. Due to the lack of snow this winter, students were given back four unused snow days, two of which were added on to the beginning and end of spring break. This meant that the break this year was 12 days long, giving staff and students some much-needed extra time to rest. While many students and their families made plans to travel, others chose to stay home and relax. For this Roving Reporter, the Quill asked staff and students what they were planning to do over the 12-day break. Here were their responses: 

Madison Sipple – Freshman

 “I’m going to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. I can’t wait to go on a bunch of hikes!”







Shelbie Fearon – Sophomore

“For spring break, I´m going to have softball practice and go to a waterpark as a vacation.”







Mr. G – Staff

“I´m going away to Long Island to see my nieces and nephews. I know it’s going to be a long, annoying drive, but I try to think of the positives, like seeing my family again.”








Maggie Krasnomowitz – Freshman 

“I am going to Orange Beach, Alabama with my family.”








Macey Hyatt – Sophomore 

“My family and I are going to Turks and Caicos this Spring Break!”








Sofia Cifuentes – Sophomore

“I’m going to Belize!”








Alex Vacchiano – Junior

“I’m going to Paris!”








EJ Gorman – Senior

“I’m going on college tours in Cincinnati to narrow down my choices for college.”








Lauren Dunko – Freshman

“I have some volleyball tournaments over spring break, but otherwise, I am excited to finally have some free time to be able to hang out with my friends I haven’t seen in a while.”








Shannon Dawson – Junior

“I’m going to go on some college tours, but for the rest of spring break, I’m going to stay at home and relax.”








Shelby Swank – Sophomore

“I’m not doing anything except sleeping.”








Madison Ridner – Sophomore

“I’m not doing much. I might go to the city though.”