The Fall Play 2016

JAMES HORN, Staff Writer

The auditorium lights went out and the spotlights turned to center stage as MK’s talented actors unveiled the stage to perform Rehearsal for Murder in front of a live audience on November 19, 2016.The performance began with lead actor, Alex Maceira (playing Alex Dennison) walking into the middle of what appeared to be an office. He held a briefcase and began with a monologue to set the scene.

The theatrical piece was set in a 1950s broadway theatre where Dennison took on the role of a playwright engaged to a woman named Monica (played by Ayla Markowski).
The drama was organized into a series of flashbacks and “real time” events. When audience members first see Dennison, he is working on a plan for his fiancé’s debut on broadway. Later, he finds that she allegedly committed suicide due to bad reviews. Alex, seemingly distraught, plans to gather any suspicious parties who could have been responsible for Monica’s death, to meet in an empty theatre and discuss a new play he has in mind. However, he has ulterior motives and holds all the attendees“captive” until the truth about his wife’s death is revealed.

Ms. Mazur, MK English teacher, happily celebrated her 13th season as fall play director this year. When asked about it, she discussed some of the difficulties actors expertly overcame during the live show this year. She said, “Most of the mishaps that occurred happened onstage during shows…Poor Alex had trouble with the prop gun almost every night, but he never broke character and neither did any of the other actors. One night the gun fell apart and Mr. MacNaughton thought it was part of the show!”

In addition to the acting, during the show the tech crew helped create smooth transitions between scenes setting the appropriate mood for each scene with lights. Sound effects were also put to great use to depict a rainstorm, gunshots and police sirens.

In a brief interview, the proud lead actor reported that he started with theatre in 7th grade when he performed in the musical, Little Shop of Horrors. This was followed by his 8th grade performance in Hairspray. When asked what he thought of the play, he replied, “I felt that it was fun and it was new for me. And the name of the character was very convenient.” He also added, “I liked the costumes this year because they were comfortable and I enjoyed the styles of the 50s.”

Additionally, assistant director, Zach Torkos was very enthusiastic to be involved in the action. He commented, “It was nice to be the assistant director because I got to help others and learn more about myself as a performer.” In addition he also mentioned that he has participated in theatre arts since he was six years old!
The general consensus of those who attended the play is that it was an amazing experience. Many agreed that Rehearsal for Murder was intense, especially when it came to the three major plot twists. One audience member, senior Emily Backes admitted, “I thought it was really good. In the beginning it was really slow, but after intermission the act caught me by surprise! She added, “When the plot turned and all actors said they were in on the act against Lt. Frank, that took me by surprise and blew my mind!”

As a whole, Ms. Mazur, assistant directors, actors and the audience alike all responded with positive feedback about the murder mystery that was performed by MK’s talented actors in this year’s fall play.
It was an overall successful year for the fall theatre crew.