Gifted and Talented Showcase


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This year the Gifted and Talented Showcase was a huge success! During last block on Wednesday, March 22, the students at Morris Knolls gathered in the auditorium to see their friends show off their unique talents. With a wide variety of acts, the student body was fully entertained and loved the show.
Elise Kelly, performer and Junior at Morris Knolls, said, “the showcase is my favorite MK event. I enjoy showing everyone my talent.” Kelly performed a song with the American Sign Language Club and this was her third year in the show.

Many performers decided to create their own original acts. There were dancers and singers that orchestrated their entire performances and were a huge hit! Yuval Pinchasov, Sophomore at Morris Knolls, put on a memorable performance with an impressive guitar solo that left everyone in the audience speechless. Daniel Buccafusca, performer and Senior at MK, decided to “rap an original song about the world and how to feel,” he wanted it to be very motivational and to be able to inspire his fellow students.

Sarah Ort and Adam Aguanno, both Juniors at Morris Knolls, said that they loved the showcase and “wished everyone was able to go.” It gives students a chance to show off their talent to friends, and the audience is able to learn more about their peers.

Everyone in the show had a great time and was very happy to see that the show was a success.

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Gifted and Talented Showcase