School Starting Early

Andrew Potts, Staff Writer

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There have been rumors circulating leading students to believe that Morris Knolls and Morris Hills may have a shorter summer break and earlier start of school in years to come.  To students, this seems as though it could become a reality based on the schedule of some of the surrounding schools. Although most schools in the area still follow the standard summer vacation schedule, Morristown High School and the West Morris Regional High School District, for example, have already been following the practice of starting school earlier.  

When the question was asked to multiple students attending Morris Knolls High School, part of the MHRD students were not happy with the prospect of starting school earlier in the year. Junior, Cayla Jones, replied, “It is a better time to vacation in late August to early September because of the weather.” If school started back up in late August, then there would most definitely be no time to vacation at the end of the summer due to the fact that school would have already begun. Overall, students that currently have a longer summer break, would like to keep it that way.

MK Junior, Robert Plumb, stated, “Summer is more enjoyable in late August than in June.” With a shortened summer break, late August would be the time where students would go back to school instead of enjoying a day at the beach or any other fun summer activities.

Although a majority of students seem to favor school starting in September, some students believe that they would be fine with school starting a couple of weeks earlier. Most of these students argued that a couple of extra weeks of school would give them more time to study for their AP exams. This argument benefits AP students, but other students argue that it would only be benefiting a small population of the school. Also, there is no factual evidence that AP exam scores have improved due to school starting earlier. Overall, it is fair to say that a majority of students attending MK agree that a shortened summer break is not a good idea.   If it is something that the Board of Education is in fact considering, students hope it will not be instituted.