Ski Club

John Sheridan, Staff Writer

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The Ski Club at Morris Knolls meets every Thursday for 5 straight weeks during the winter to go to Camelback Mountain Resort for a night of winter sports fun.

Alec Cuhney, MK junior explained that ski club “is for anyone who wants to try it out and thinks they can have the skills for the sport.”  Cuhney should know, as he is a natural born snowboarder, and MK’s finest rider. He’s been all over the east coast riding different mountains for most of his life.  He’s done it all, skied double black diamonds, the glades, and boarded them as well. This year was “pretty prime for boarding,” Cuhney said. There was nice riding weather basically all winter and a good amount of snow here and there. He said, “If you ask me, ski club is the most fun out of all the extracurricular activities offered at Morris Knolls.”

Students interested in becoming better skiers/boarders can join. Ski club can help people in other aspects of their lives, not just riding. Students can also improve their social skills by meeting people they may not ordinarily hang out with.  

Ski club pushes students to have fun but stay safe. Despite the emphasis on safety, some kids have come home with some bruises and injuries.  It is just part of the sport. Club members’ moms, like all mom’s, are always are a little worried about whether their kids might do something dumb and hurt themselves, but Mrs. Kathleen Sheridan, mother of two MK Ski Club members, said she does feel safe letting her kids to go on the club trips Thursday nights because she feels it’s safe. She said, “It’s a good environment and I feel like everyone there is just looking to have a good time.” Being the one who would always be taking her kids up to the mountain to ride, Mrs. Sheridan is pleased that now her kids can get their weekly runs in through the club.  She believes the club is good for students because it draws a different group of kids out and together to make new friends and have fun with different people than they may normally be with. She said “it’s nice how there’s so many kids that get to share the hobby and enjoy it as a group during the winter season.”

Camelback Mountain Resort worker, Zach White says he thinks “its cool seeing a bunch of schools come up to the mountain because sometimes it may seem like a dying hobby in NJ,” and he encourages all students with the free time to give it a try.

Alec says that he hears “a lot of people say they can’t do ski club ‘because they can’t ride fast enough. They don’t realize that it’s not about being good, but rather just being yourself and having fun.”

In the end White said, “it’s really just the point to make sure that you students are having fun and if you guys are having fun than we´re doing our job and if were doing our job than were in business.”

Overall, the club is great for anyone. Beginners will start off with lessons and the bunny slope to find their footing. As they learn the basics, they will move on to the bigger side of the mountain and progress from there on out.

Any student interested can join, and there will be more information once Ski Club gets rolling in the next year. For more information, visit the Morris Knolls homepage and find the club under clubs and activities.