Josh Perez

Nobody was safe from the dodgeballs at this year’s tournament hosted by the SGA which took place on Tuesday, March 20.  The cost of the tournament was $40 per team and there was a requirement of at least two individuals of each gender per team. There were a mix of new teams and experienced teams. Everyone who took part in the tournament was stoked for the event, and when it got cancelled due to snow the energy just kept building up. The winning team received $25 gift cards to Buffalo Wild Wings while the team with the best uniform received that same prize.

SGA hosts different kinds of events and themes throughout the year such as a volleyball and Spirit Week. Ms. Foley, the advisor of SGA, was just as excited for the tournament as the teams were. The main reason for these event was to raise money for SGA to be able to do other things inside and outside of school. When asking some SGA members about how the event went, there were no negative responses.

SGA member, Peter Shah explained, “There was no best [game], they were all pretty exciting to watch.  His words sum up the overall event, it was just exciting.

He was also faced the question of why the SGA members were such bad refs.  He responded, “Dude, it’s just tough to focus on every ball being thrown at once, I’m pretty sure some people stayed in even though they got hit. All that pressure along with people yelling at you that somebody was out was hard to handle.”   Those participating do whatever it takes not to get hit, so they were tough on the refs. Kids were diving, sliding, and jumping out the way, or they would try to catch the balls whirling towards them.

A member from one team explained of this year’s tournament, “It was terrible, we went from third place the past two years to not even being on the podium.” That’s how it was. Some teams were just happy to be there while others were trying to win it all.

In the the end, the two teams left were, MatzaBalls and Balls on the Pond. The championship game was to be played in front of the whole school at the Spring Pep Rally. The game was made interesting by the fact that the baseball team went on a trip to South Carolina earlier that day, and most of the players on these teams were baseball players. Resultantly, there were new faces to the tournament who came in as replacements. The kids in the stands were going crazy wearing blue or red for the team they were supporting.

There were some inaccurate arms, but none like Bill Tuttle’s. He sent about half a dozen balls into the stands, striking people all over the place. In the end though, Balls on the Pond came out on top. They had one challenge remaining, and that was to beat the faculty team. The teachers and administrators made it interesting at first, but Balls on the Pond says they, “wiped the floor with the teachers” and came out on top.

Overall, the competition this year was exciting and included some new elements.  Students enjoyed both playing and watching as the tournament unfolded.