Which of the following is the best for the MK Poetry Contest?

  • Poem 5 (45%, 198 Votes)
  • Poem 4 (31%, 136 Votes)
  • Poem 6 (17%, 74 Votes)
  • Poem 1 (4%, 19 Votes)
  • Poem 2 (2%, 7 Votes)
  • Poem 3 (1%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 439

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Poem 1

“Puppet Strings and Hopeful Things”                   

I’m just a lowly little puppet,

Strings of self-doubt holding me down.

The puppet master is the darkness within me,

Poisoning my mind.

I’m just a gloomy marionette,

Wearing a happy smiling mask to hide the true pain I feel.

So much agony and so much heartache,

And I’m just a little puppet,

Unable to do anything

For my puppet strings hold me back.

But what can my puppet strings allow me to do?

Think about the hopeful things.

Say that everything will be okay;

Get the negativity out of my head.

Replace them with happy,

Hopeful things.

Although I cannot step in,

Nor help out and contribute,

I can only watch like a fly on the wall.

Always thinking hopeful thoughts and dreaming about the better side,

For my puppet strings only allow me to think about the hopeful things.


Poem 2

“Lost in the Crowd”                   

Help me…. is anybody there?
I’m a lost and lonely voice,

Lost in the crowd.

By the time you hear me,

I lose you.

And I can’t find you for I am

Lost in the crowd.

By the time you notice me,

I’m gone.

I disappear like a drop of water crashing on the ground,

For I am lost in the crowd.

By the time you acknowledge me,

It’s too late.

I’m drowning in the flood of people,

And you lose me in the crowd.

Although you try to save me,

I try to keep breathing and peek out of the crowd.

Try to make myself known before they toss me under again.

Will you save me before I am lost in the crowd forever?

Help me…. Is anybody there?

Save me before I am lost in the crowd….


Poem 3

An Ode to Death                       

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word death?

Do you think of a cold,

Empty feeling your mind can’t comprehend?
Rather, a black darkness that consumes you like a predator catching prey?
Maybe it’s a numb,

Unnerving feeling where you can’t feel,

See, or hear anything.

Not even the sound of your beating heart.

I’ve noticed that people seem to fear death,

But I don’t, for there is no need to fear death.

Let’s put it this way:
Without death, there can’t be life.

And although you could look at death like the end of life,

Think of it as a sign.

Although the one you loved is gone,

They will always live on.

Not even death can remove them from your memory.

For the love you have for your loved one is too powerful even for death.

Death isn’t the end.

Call me crazy and call me numb.

But you shouldn’t fear death, for the spirit lingers on.

Poem 4



I am here watching the ocean shore

Wanting to do no more than

Stand on the sand

No worries on land

And then there’s me

Way out lost at sea

But all of this tied to my feet

Seems nearly impossible to beat

Help me

Help me

I think I will drown

Will anyone be around?

To grasp for hands that aren’t there

And I swallow one last gulp of air

As I sink down far below

There’s something I wish to know

Where were you?

Couldn’t you see?

All the things tied to me?

I did my best so you

Wouldn’t fall down

And I’m the one who’s left to



Poem 5

An Unsuspecting Lotus-Eater Lies in a Poppy Field       

I lean into his

soil brown shirt

and am


in his heavy

scarlet scent

of affectionate



My arms

are unable to

liberate themselves

from the

artificially sweet



I seem to fall

into an

intoxicating slumber

with questionable will,

with soft skin,

and a belly

full of



And as I sleep

I dream

of birds

sweeping freely

through a

cheerfully blue

cageless sky.

Poem 6

Something to Remember When You are Feeling Blue

There are times when everything feels like too much.

When your mom comes back from the grocery store

And the refrigerator does not have enough space

So you shove and shove,

But then some things are forgotten sitting in the back of the shelves,

So by the time someone finds them,

It is rotten.

Or when walking to class

And there are so many people in the hallways

That it is more like a highway

Not a highway where all the cars are moving at the same pace,

It is a traffic jam,

And no one is moving at all.

Or when you go to school expecting to have a good day

But then you spill your coffee,

Get really tired,

And have an overload of homework

None of which you feel like doing

Because you’re exhausted.

All of this is like a cloud

Hanging over the sky

Looking grey and promising rain.

Though sometimes the rain is beautiful

Because puddles are to fun splash in

And the smell makes you feel fresh.

The bad times always pass,

There is never a continuous storm.

In the grocery bags, there are more sweets to fill your stomach,

In the crowded hallway, you are reminded that you are not alone,

And once you finish your work it feels like nothing is impossible.

So life may get you down

Turn your yellows into blue

But blue is a beautiful color.


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