Bullet Journaling: How to use it for school


Meg Dimaano, Reporter

Bullet journaling is journaling with no boundaries. There are no rules, it is only limited to your imagination. With that said, bullet journaling for school can be beneficial for your grades, but it can also be beneficial for your imagination. Here are five ideas on how to implement bullet journaling into your daily academic life.

Victoria Tang

“ This calendar year I started my own, and it is really helpful as it lets you lay it out the way it works best for you, and with things like trackers, you can see progress and commitment. With a bullet journal it’s easy to do things a normal planner doesn’t give you room for, like adding habit trackers, writing summaries of the month, or even just room for doodling!” – Victoria Tang, MK student


1. Class Schedule Page

Dedicate a page for your class schedule. With some many changes this year, it is easy to forget what class is after the next. Including class times can also be helpful.

2. Homework Page

As the school year continues, more and more homework can start to pile up, and forgetting to do a homework assignment is one of the worst feelings. A homework page can help organize your assignments, take the stress off of trying to remember all the work you have to get done and allow you to focus your attention on completing the work.

“There are some days where homework can pile up, so a page like this is so helpful.”
– Teresa Manlangit, MK student


3. Study Tracker

A study tracker can help with time management-a skill you need to succeed in school. A page that tracks study times will give you opportunities to dedicate more time to study, which will help you avoid procrastination.


4. Motivation Page

There may be times when you feel like all this studying is for nothing. A motivation page will help remind you that there is a goal that you want to achieve. This is just the first step to having a strong set of goals in life.


5. Test Page

Tests can be overwhelming, and at times it can seem like exams are being piled on top of one another. To combat this, make a page logging all the tests you have in a certain month so you can determine how far in the future you want to begin preparing for each exam.


“I have recently started bullet journaling and find it really helpful. It is a quick and easy way for me to keep everything that is happening in life organized.” – Grace Haag, MK student


As you can see, the bullet journal has a variety of uses. By incorporating art into your journaling, these ideas will turn something that usually seems like a chore into something fun. Happy journaling!