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How do You Alleviate Academic Stress?


As we enter the new year, every student faces a new set of challenges, whether it be upcoming exams or possibly planning for college. Students undergo a lot of stress as the academic year moves forward. No matter what grade level in high school, the desire to achieve academic goals and experience success creates high-stress levels. Factors like lack of sleep, too much work or homework, and tight routines outside of school add to a student’s anxiety. Stress is a normal human response, but it can sometimes feel like too much in a school environment. 

We all have our ways of dealing with this emotion. Some choose to pursue outlets like listening to music and reading as a way of relaxation, while others find it helpful to talk about their problems with others. The Quill asked a few students from each grade about their methods for alleviating academic stress.

Nataly Camilo, a freshman, voiced that art has had a positive effect when easing school-related pressure. “When I get stressed from school, I find the best way to ease my stress is to draw…Drawing helps me improve my artistic skills and lets me step away from the stress of mine relating to school.”

Sophomore Ashiwka Manicka took a more mindful approach as she stated, “I like to go on long walks and focus on different tasks in order not to get too caught up on one thing – that way I allow myself to clear my mindset.” 

Other Morris Knolls students had similar methods. As junior Andrew Scott explained, “When I feel stressed out about school, I take a step back and take some time for myself through spending time with my family.” 

Janhavee Kulkarni, also a junior, discussed tactics for easing her mind that doesn’t involve the use of her phone: “When I’m feeling stressed about school, I  listen to music and spend time with my friends. That way I’m  away from my screen.” 

Despite how difficult it might seem to study for multiple tests at once or to constantly have work due, it is important to remember that everyone around you is experiencing the same thing and to take comfort in the thought of not being alone. It should become our goal as MK students to encourage and motivate one another whenever someone we know is having a hard time in school. Achieving a sense of academic success requires self-discipline, management of time and not being afraid to ask for help; however, it is just as essential to put one’s health first. A key aspect of being able to manage school-related stress is to find a healthy balance between school and personal life.

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