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2024 Summer Reading Book List


Summer is approaching and so is the summer reading of 2024. This year Morris Regional District has allowed students to choose one book out of six possible books. If you need help deciding which book to select, hopefully, these summaries will help. 


Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward tells a story about a young boy named Trevor McKinney whose school project triggers a series of acts of compassion and kindness. Trever is inspired to improve the world through his social studies teacher’s challenge of making the world a better place. Trevor later comes up with an idea called “paying it forward” which centers around performing good acts and deeds for three individuals and asking each of them to do the same leading to a chain reaction that spreads kindness. Read this book if you’re interested in the themes of kindness and cooperation.

After the Fire: True Story of Friendship and Survival

After the Fire explores the aftermath of the terrible Boland Hall fire at Seton Hall University in January 2000, with an emphasis on roommates Shaw and Alvaros’s recovery from serious burn injuries through their stories. It examines the human ability to conquer adversity and seek recovery highlighting resilience. This story would appeal to an individual who is interested in resilience and the ability to triumph over misfortune.  

The Town with Mirrors

This novel paints a vivid picture of a dystopian society in which mirrors cameras and even words like beautiful and ugly are taboo. The story centers around a 12-year-old girl named Zailey who happens to be an artist as she faces the complexities of self-expression and identity. In secret, she draws forbidden sketches of her community members in a sketchbook. When her

grandmother discovers her hidden artwork it forces Zailey to confront her self-perception and the world she resides. The story would be most interesting to individuals who want to delve into themes of self-discovery and the power of perception. 

Next Chance You

This is a book that teems with practical advice on opportunities to improve your life Brittany Wagner uses her personal experience and counseling encounters to serve as illustrations for important lessons on goals and pursuit, as well as career transition and even relationship management. with relatable anecdotes and useful strategies,

The book inspired readers to overcome and conquer obstacles and build self-compassion. Wagner’s message reinforces the concept that any ambition can be achieved with the correct mindset and effort. This book is best suited for young adults and teens who are looking for guidance and motivation.

White Rose 

 The novel recounts the riveting story of the White Rose, a courageous Nazi resistance Group that opposed the oppressive regime during world war II. It’s written in verse and follows the incredible journey of Holl who is a young woman growing up in Nazi Germany. Sophie and her mother lead the revolt against Hitler’s tyranny in hopes of awakening German’s minds to the crimes that are taking place. Their rave actions of spreading prohibited materials through pamphlets demonstrate their unwavering dedication to justice and freedom. This novel would pique the interest of individuals who enjoy historical fiction and WWII.

Believe: My Faith and the Tackle that Changed My Life

The memoir follows Eric LeGrand’s journey from an upcoming Rutgers defensive lineman to a life-altering moment when a tackle during a 2010 college football game crippled him from the neck and below. Despite this difficulty, LeGrand’s story demonstrates his incredible tenacity and everlasting faith as he deals with his rehabilitation and rebuilds his life. He describes how he beat the odds and was able to re-attain control over the various parts of his body. He also explains the years following the accident as the most gratifying of his life providing an encouraging testament to the power of perseverance and determination.

Now, it’s your turn to make a decision.


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