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What Does Music Mean To You?


Music is an essential and rich form of art that holds meaning in many lives worldwide. It offers a unique and expressive way to communicate thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to express through words alone. Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together, creating a sense of shared understanding and connection. Appreciating music is a deeply personal yet, at the same time, universal experience that unites people across cultures and generations. Despite each person’s personal life and circumstances, music is the root of what ties us together; it acts as a way of healing the mind and providing an outlet for one’s own experiences and perspective. 

At Morris Knolls, music plays an impactful role in the lives of many students: those who devote themselves to the art, and others who simply enjoy it. The school carries a wide variety of musical opportunities that allow students to enrich their knowledge of music, such as music classes like Concert Band and Music Theory, and afterschool programs like Chorale and the highly anticipated spring musical. The school also offers the Academy for Performing Arts or the APA program that intends to develop the skills of passionate artists. 

As junior Christina Vella expresses, “Music is an important part of my life and it plays an important role of connecting my whole family. My mom sang in chorus throughout her high school years and despite my dad and brother not being in that type of environment, I  still catch them singing their favorite songs while we take car rides. 

Like my mom, I’m also in chorus and the Vocal Academy at our school and she always encourages me to sing. Although it’s not the career field I plan to go into, music is so valuable for self-expression and bringing people together.”

The significance of music continues to play a major role in how people communicate and process their experiences. Music can fuel not only the mind but also the creativity in others that otherwise would be hard to convey in any other form of expression. The rhythm and sound of music adhere to a certain calling that draws people in and connects them.  It has a profound effect on our emotions and can touch any and everyone despite their background. The musical freedom provided here at Morris Knolls allows those who are driven by passion to expand their set of skills and continue to grow as musicians. 

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