The Golden Globes: MK Staff and Students’ Opinions


Grace Haag, Editor

This year the 78th Golden Globes Award took place on February 28th, around two months later than usual. The nominated movies and television shows are all from 2020 and the beginning of 2021. 

2020 was a very difficult year, but there have been some stellar movies and television shows released to help us through it. These shows and movies were highlighted by the Hollywood Foreign Press through the nominations. I interviewed some Morris Knolls students and teachers to find out what the MK community thinks of the nominees and winners of this year’s Golden Globes. 

Nomadland and Chloé Zhao 

Winner of Best Picture – Drama: NOMADLAND
Winner of Best Director- Motion Picture: CHLOÉ ZHAO
Nominated for Best Screenplay- Motion Picture: CHLOÉ ZHAO
Nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture- Drama: FRANCES McDORMAND

Nomadland is Chloé Zhao’s third film and with it she has made history as the most awarded filmmaker in a single award season for Nomadland. The story follows Fern as she travels the country looking for a job in a van without most of her belongings. 

Mr. Gambale, the MK IB Coordinator, said “I found Nomadland deeply inspiring and deeply depressing at the same time.  On the surface, the movie is about a group of people that are a combination of homeless, desperate, free, and searching for connection.  To me, the movie was about what it feels like to be an American in the 21st century.” 

Nomadland can be watched for free on HULU.

Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Nominee for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy: HAMILTON
Nominee for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy: LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA

Hamilton is a musical that follows the rise and fall of Alexander Hamilton and his role in forging our nation. It has been on Broadway since 2015. The play has won 11 Tony Awards and the soundtrack is the best-selling cast record of all times. Lin-Manual Miranda wrote the play and he also stars in the film as the lead character. In addition to Hamilton, he also wrote the musical In the Heights and some of the songs in the Disney animated film Moana.

Caroline Temberge, an MK junior who has been involved with many MK productions, said “I have loved Hamilton since the first time I heard the amazing music. Lin-Manuel Miranda has created such a fantastic show to tell a story that most people wouldn’t be interested in learning about. There is intense symbolism and imagery throughout that baffles me and makes me appreciate the craft of the show. Ultimately, the show has both amazing music and an amazing plotline that never ceases to amaze me.” 

Hamilton can be watched for free on Disney +.

The Queen’s Gambit and Anya Taylor-Joy

Best Television Limited Series Anthology series or Motion Picture Made for Television: THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT
Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television: ANYA TAYLOR-JOY

This show follows Beth Harman on her journey as she rises up through the ranks of the competitive world of chess and all the complications that occur along the way.

Ms. Weber, an MK English teacher, said, “Seamlessly moving across eras, locations, and fashion, The Queen’s Gambit pulled me into Beth’s story and had me loving the ride. Anya Taylor-Joy was masterful in exploring the double-edged nature of Beth’s genius, and I especially enjoyed the relationship she developed with supporting actor, Marielle Heller. Yes, The Queen’s Gambit lives up to the hype. Highly recommended.”

The Queen’s Gambit can be streamed on Netflix. Since its release, the show has set a record having been watched by 63 million households in the first 28 days it was out.

The Trial of Chicago 7

Nominated for Best Motion Picture- Drama: THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7
Winner of Best Screenplay- Motion Picture: AARON SORKIN
Nominated for Best Director – Motion Picture: AARON SORKIN
Nominated for Best Original Song – Motion Picture: “Hear my Voice”

The Trial of Chicago 7 is a courtroom drama following 7 individuals who were charged with crimes following the protests in Chicago at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The writer for the screenplay, Aaron Sorkin, has written many movies and tv shows in the past, including The West Wing, The Social Network, and Moneyball

Nina Mindel, an MK junior, said that “The Trial of the Chicago 7 really opened my eyes to the inequalities of the American justice system in the 60s. It paints a vivid picture of how that case laid the groundwork for racial prejudice in the courtroom for years to come.”

The Trial of Chicago 7 can be found on Netflix.