Christi Conroy: Sprained Ankle

Maddison Perna

During the middle of the 2018 basketball season, Christi Conroy sprained her ankle during a practice.  Being a huge asset to the team, the players and coaches had to figure out what they were going to do to continue the season successfully without her on the court.  

At the time of her injury, the team was headed into a crucial part of their season, the county tournament.  Senior Vanessa Elliott, and fellow captain of Conroy said, “Since we were missing a scorer and rebounder, it was difficult to play those tight games and tough matchups.  It is very difficult playing without a center.” Conroy was a key player to the team, and teammates, coaches and spectators all knew her sprained ankle was a problem the team had to face.

Coach Moore was put in a difficult situation. Not only was he not at practice the day Conroy sprained her ankle, but he had to figure out different styles of play to keep the team successful.  “I never worried that the season was over as I knew the team would rally around each other and continue to be strong. I also knew that  we would press more and be more aggressive on D,” stated Moore.  While Conroy was out the team did their best trying to get the season to last, and hoping she would return and be able to play with them again.

She did say that the sprained ankle made her feel like it was the end of her life, because she would trade anything to just play by her “sisters” on the court.   Then Conroy continued to explain that even though she sprained her ankle this was the best season she has experienced. Conroy did recover and played in the final games of the season with a remarkable comeback game which ended with a personal season high, scoring 26 points.  “When I came back from my ankle injury, I set myself a goal to make these last games I would ever play of basketball the best. I knew my team had been playing for me the past few weeks and I was finally able to play for them. Playing for the first time [after my injury] with my teammates by my side was an unforgettable feeling and one that I will definitely cherish.”  

Conroy was one of the lucky ones being able to come back and finish her season.  There are a lot of ankle injuries that happen in the basketball season. MK trainer, Mr. Jeffrey Korpar explained that, “Since the beginning of the school year we have had 14 ankle sprains.”  To try to prevent these injuries Korp provides the team with ankle braces for athletes to wear during games and practices. He also says every athlete should lace their shoes all the way up and tight.  

Even though the basketball team did not reach their goals of achieving any titles, the girls still believe it was a successful season.  Christi states, “I am so absolutely satisfied with this season.  We may not have left our legacy on a banner like we wanted too, but I truly believe we left something better.  We left lifelong friendships. I am so thankful to the MKGB Program for giving me nine more sisters.”